AGORALUMIERE International aims at contributing to global Development and International Promotion of Pan-African creative economies. Our world is becoming a large village, with a tendency towards cultural uniformity. We believe that it is important for Africa and its Diaspora to affirm the Continent’s role in taking initiatives which will provide a more prominent position of the Continent’s stakeholders on all the platforms where world cultures meet and mix.
It is also our belief that the cultural diversity of the various populations on the Continent deserves to be valorised in order to enrich the cultural domain of our planetary village. The African Creative Industries’ development and promotion through the African Union Plan of Action for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries, the African Cultural Renaissance Charter, and UNESCO’s Convention on the Promotion and Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, is of the tools for building a peaceful and secure environment in Africa.

To reach this particular goal, the Africans from the Continent and those from the Diaspora, must take their responsibilities and create a framework for new partnerships in the interest of the people of Africa.


AGORALUMIERE International takes up this challenge through the promotion of the African Institutions and the valorisation of the African cultural and creative industries on the world's media and market platforms.
AGORALUMIERE International supports the AFRICAN UNION’s agenda for the harmonious development of the Continent. To this end, we wish to contribute to the promotion of positive image of Africa through its Union, both on the Continent and outside its borders. Agoralumiere have already taken the initiative of developing the promotion of Pan-African cinema since 1996 and this in line with the vision of the AFRICAN UNION and according to NEPAD’s principles of ownership and leadership.
AGORALUMIERE International will adapt this promotional initiative successful in Pan-African cinema to all other the major cultural disciplines that African countries produce and to contribute in the development of a stronger cultural industry on the African Continent and its Diaspora in the global market.


AGORALUMIERE International defines itself as a platform of dialogue, communication and exchange of information on the Development and Promotion of the creative industries and creative economy. Agoralumiere’s essence is “Less talk and more concrete action for Africa”. Therefore, it places all its activities in a pattern of long-term and sustainable planning and in a global synergy of reinforcing the Pan-African contribution to the world’s cultural diversity and to benefit from the global creative economy development.

Agoralumiere’s goal is to contribute through the African Creative Industries to create economic development growth and job creation opportunities in Africa in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Nollywood Film Industry which has created 400,000 jobs in Nigeria shows what can be done through the African CREATIVE INDUSTRIES to help meet the MDGs.


Agoralumiere fixed 2015 as the year of the evaluation of the concrete impact of creative industries through the Creative Africa Initiative on the African economy and its measurable impact on people’s livelihood in Africa as a contribution to the MDGs.



Agoralumiere has designed the Creative Africa Initiative to fit in the African Union’s priorities as an African strategy to contribute to the implementation of the AU New Plan of Action for the development of cultural and creative industries at the Continental, Regional, national and local levels in concrete and measurable ways.


Agoralumiere’s objectives correspond with those of the AFRICA UNION, NEPAD, the African Business Roundtable and the NEPAD Business Group, in engaging in the Continent's cultural and Creative industries and in the ownership and leadership in their global promotion in the world through a noticeable and efficient presence in prominent international media events and market places.


Agoralumiere translates the Africa Union’s New Plan of Action for cultural and creative industries in Africa into practical guidelines and operational architecture including the policy, prospective and industry development platforms. The objective is to assist the stakeholders in translating the priority areas of the Plan of Action into concrete programmes and projects for the development of their creative industries and the creative economy.

As an Industry Development and Promotion Platform, Agoralumiere collaborates under the leadership of the Africa Union with the policies and the prospective platforms in order to promote the African Renaissance and integration agenda while contributing to developing the economic aspects African creativity and culture, and their related IPs and Copyright, in order to create wealth, jobs, and resources in the rural and urban creative communities in Africa.


AGORALUMIERE INTERNATIONAL through its programmes is our way of contributing to harmonisation and rationalisation of the programmes and resources in the improvement of the Continent's CREATIVE INDUSTRIES both in the Development and promotion fields.


CREATIVE AFRICA and the AGORALUMIERE Global Market Access Programme constitute a concrete African-led and owned programme and platform where partners of Africa can help to build the Continent's CREATIVE INDUSTRIES into a meaningful economic development tool.