At the request of the Africa Union Commission, Agoralumiere structured the African Union’s Plan of Action for Cultural and Creative industries development into an architecture consisting of three platforms:


The Policy platform for advocacy and observatory.

The Prospective and heritage platform

The Industry Development and Promotion Platform


Agoralumiere clearly positions itself on the Industry Development and Promotion Platform as designed through the Creative Africa agenda and its other market access programmes such as the Agoralumiere Pan-African Cinema Platform at the Cannes Film Festival.




Historically development thinking has usually opted for the solution of a top down approach.

Agoralumire’s approach is more oriented through a bottom up approach based on African ownership and leadership involving African creative industry stakeholders, informed decision makers, civil society and local communities, the private sector and governments and the international community.


In Agoralumiere’s approach, the global partnership concept aims at supporting the African agenda and key priorities at the country, regional and continental levels.


Agoralumiere, therefore, works with African governments and Pan-African institutions and stakeholders of the industry as well as international partners to support home grown solutions and initiatives for the development and improvement of African creative economy growth.


For example, in the water and sanitation sector, more evidence on "what works" in Africa has been identified from the grass-roots under the leadership of the AMCOW (African Ministers Conference on water) as a critical need to inform better decision-making and ultimately provide better service quality to the concerned communities. Good information enables the funders and the African policy makers to better allocate resources and plan effectively for the benefit of the concerned communities.


Agoralumiere is using the same grass-roots based approach for the cultural and creative sector in Africa under the leadership and with the support of the Africa Union and in partnership with the African governments and international partners.