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Currently there is a global trend and recognition of the need to promote creative industries as a dynamic area of the global economy, which up until now has been underdeveloped. African states are rich in culture and creative industries and should be supported to optimize sources of income, employment and trade, while promoting economic growth, social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development. The Creative Africa Initiative is based on African ownership and partnership, and aims at supporting Africa in its efforts to take the creative industries of the Continent to the level of business, production, skills, markets, sustainable export and impact on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.(MDGs)

Agoralumiere International working in partnership with UNCTAD's Creative Industries programme and under African Union's leadership has developed the Creative Africa Initiative to ensure African ownership and partnership for its creative industries in line with the African development agenda.

Progress So Far

UNCTAD XII in Accra, Ghana was the opportunity to showcase cultural activities in parallel with political debate creating the momentum for the launch of Creative Africa. It constituted the first step in the development of the Initiative by Agoralumiere based on African ownership and leadership. (See report)


The African launch of Creative Africa at the Second Ministerial Meeting of the African Union Ministers of Culture in Algiers in October 2008 was the second step in its Continental launch. (See report)


The third step was the National Launch of Creative Africa - Nigeria Chapter in November 2008, which consisted in taking the Initiative to the National and grassroots levels. The third step remains one of Agoralumiere’s core programmes to promote the initiative on the Continent and create national awareness on the potential of the creative industries in each country. (See report)


The fourth step consisted in the implementation of programmes on the ground which started with the first research project into the Impact of the Creative Industries on the African Economy. (See final research reports)


For more information on Creative Africa programmes please go to Agoralumiere Framework and Programmes and visit our other website at www.agoralumiere.org.  We are also redeveloping our agoralumiere.net website.

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