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Agoralumiere delivers its vision and mission through various projects within two core programmes

Our main activities in the Creative Africa Programme in 2009 are focused on:


1. The “ANNUAL CREATIVE AFRICA WEEK FOR DEVELOPMENT” an African platform for awareness and knowledge sharing to be organized under the leadership of the Africa Union and in collaboration with a different African host country each year.


The “ANNUAL CREATIVE AFRICA WEEK FOR DEVELOPMENT” was initiated by Agoralumiere at the official international launch of Creative Africa at UNCTAD XII and designed to include:

The "Annual African Forum on Creative Industries and the Creative Economy" aiming at providing an annual platform where the main stakeholders from all creative disciplines and key players in the development community will gather to share knowledge and address the African creative industry and creative economy.

The "Cultural Side Events of The Creative Africa Week For Development" aiming at :

showcasing the diversity of African culture
providing evidence on the vigour of the African creative sector
highlighting the originality of African creative products and services

emphasizing the enormous potential of the creative economy for fostering development in Africa


addressing a special theme each year with the stakeholders

reconciling cultural activities with policy discussion and action


Associating the general public with market development process

The "CREATIVE AFRICA WEEK FOR DEVELOPMENT" is also a platform to showcase the best of African creative industry productions in various disciplines throughout the year to the general pulbic. The Edition 2009 of the CREATIVE AFRICA WEEK is being organised in Nigeria in partnership with the Nigerian government as a follow up to the Launch of Creative Africa Nigeria Chapter in November 2008 in Abuja.
2. The continued Launch of the Creative Africa National Chapters in other African Countries in order to raise national awareness and work with the governments, ministries, parastatals and the creative stakeholders in addressing the development and promotion of their creative industries as a development tool.

3. The Creative Africa Research Programmes

This programme includes:  

 A research Programme into the Impact of Creative Industries on the African Economy:

In this context, Agoralumiere is undertaking a pilot project in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to provide coherent, and harmonized data on the existing and potential impact of the creative industries on the economy of these countries. This programme is part of the key priority areas of the African Union Plan of Action and Agoralumiere has got the support of the Africa Union Commission for its development in other African countries.

 A Research Programme into the Market opportunities for the African creative industries.

Pilot projects are ready for implementation.


4. The Development of Creative Africa Regional Centres of Excellence.

In collaboration with the governments and stakeholders of the host countries, these Creative Africa Regional Centres of Excellence will serve as regional hubs to:

Mobilize partnerships on the establishment of creative infrastructure for the industries development at the regional levels and to promote investment in the creative industries in Africa.

Develop capacity building programmes for African stakeholders according to their expressed needs in the global value chain of the creative economy.

Develop African audiences and markets for the cultural and creative industries.

Contribute to the implementation of the African Union Plan of Action for Cultural and Creative Industries Development, the African Cultural Renaissance Agenda and UNESCO’s Convention on the Promotion and Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at the regional levels.

Promote African regional and continental integration through related projects and programmes.




5. Development of global market access platforms for African creative products, services and stakeholders
Since 1996, Agoralumiere has developed a concept of African platforms on international market places such as the Cannes Film Market, to facilitate access of African creative industry products, services and stakeholders to the international markets and media events.
Agoralumiere is now working, in collaboration with partners, towards providing similar platforms for global market access to other creative disciplines.

6.Development of “Creative Africa Media and Communication Tools”

The “Creative Africa Magazine“ as a sustainable physical support tool for a global promotion of the African creative industries and creative economy.


Agoralumiere and Creative Africa websites to support all Agoralumiere’s programmes and promote its partners and sponsors.



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