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What is Agoralumiere cinema at the Cannes Film Market?

AGORALUMIERE is an African original conept to promote African and Disapora films and and stakeholders at the international cinema arena, thrusting Africa in the driving seat, in  line with the African Union’s Vision for ownership and leadership of th developmental concept addressing the Continent.


By initiating a new dialogue between the African film professional and their colleagues from around the world, Agoralumiere promotes the African contribution to the Cultural Diversity agenda while developing the African creative economy.


Agoralumiere is a unique marketing opportunity providing resources, information and avenues of communication for industry professionals, vendors, who are seeking for new and young African talents and festival owners committed to the African Diaspora Film Festivals as part of the creative industries and creative economy.


It is our belief in AGORALUMIERE that the African Diaspora is an important component of the continent's development, a powerful voice  of Africa in the global community which increasingly plays a vital role in connecting not only the local communities they serve, but the world globally with Africa.


AGORALUMIERE through its partnership with Fest AfriQue 360, the “Black Women In the Pictures" Festival which aims at bringing inputs from the Diaspora to the programme, is providing sustainable solutions so the filmmakers from Africa and from the Diaspora to better connect and work together, in develop co-productions distribution and markets for their films and other creative contents.



 FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO www.agoralumiere.org

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